A Reflection on What is Happening in America Today example

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A Reflection on What is Happening in America Today

Nowadays, a lot of Americans live under very poor conditions. They have poor housing conditions. A lot of Americans are jobless. They have a lot of barriers on their way to getting good education. Accordingly, a lot of young people cannot find a well-paid job and they are at a risk of living in poverty during their entire life. Rosling (2007) noticed that a lot of people take different measures to get out of poverty. Analysing his family history, he noticed that his relatives migrated in order to get out of poverty (Rosling, 2007). Rosling (2007) added that different dimensions, such as human rights, culture, health, government, environment, education, and others are influenced by poverty.

Accordingly, effective measures should be taken to improve the analyzed dimensions. More and more children are being affected by poverty nowadays. In the film entitled “America’s Poor Kids” (2013), it was noticed that poverty is at a very high level now and, as a result, 16 million children are now affected by poverty. Poverty has a great impact on the attitude to life: children become pessimistic and frustrated. There are a lot of cases when they have to leave their houses and live in motels, because they do not have money to pay for their houses (“America’s Poor Kids,” 2013). As a result, children feel depressed, because they lose their friends and have to get acquainted with new people and make new friends. There are cases when children do not have an opportunity to go to school because of poverty. Children from poor families understand that they have poor chances to have a better future.

They understand that poverty influences the level of their education. Poverty prevents them from entering higher educational establishments and, as a result, they cannot find a well-paid job. Wolanin (2005) added that there are a lot of children with disabilities, pointing out that “about nine percent of all undergraduate students in the United States reported having a disability in 2000” (p. 17). In the majority cases, students with disabilities have lower incomes in comparison to the students that do not have disabilities. Accordingly, students with disabilities from poor families need solid financial support and assisstance in order to get a higher education. Thererefore, there are significant financial barriers on the way to getting a higher education. The rates of unemployment are very high in the United States nowadays. “One in twelve Americans are now jobless” (“America’s Poor Kids,” 2013).

Unemployment has a very negative influence on people: they feel stressed, depressed, and isolated; they lose faith in having better future; they feel frustrated and afraid of being left aside. Leonardo (2012), however, tried to reassure poor people, pointing out that there are a lot of rich people who choose to provide sufficient financial aid to poor people. They demonstrate charity in order to help the poor and show them that there is a better life. …

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