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Socrates’ Philosophy

Socrates was a Greek philosopher being credited as one of the Western philosophy founders. An enigmatic figure of this person is known through the classical writer’s accounts, especially of his student’s Xenophon and
Plato as well as Aristophanes, who was a contemporary playwriter. Plato’s dialogues are well-known Socrates’ accounts that survived from antiquity. It is clear that Socrates was hidden behind the “best disciple” of him,
Living in Athens that are situated in Greece from the year of 470 to 399 B.C., Socrates was studying. Then, he was teaching another people of his philosophy and view of life. In the end of his life, this person was accused of a lot of crimes that included corruption of the youth’s minds and a criminal meddling. Eventually, he was charged of his crimes and then condemned to the death. Being incarcerated, his friend Crito visited him with a goal to discuss his matter of death. Additionally, he proposed to make an escape from the prison (Dorjahn, 25). Though, Crito also believed that it will be in the Socrates interest to escape from prison living in an exile after instead to meet the death. Socrates had chosen not to flee having his view on escape that was different. Instead, he had faced a sentence and explained some reasoning for all his thoughts that, to his mind, were right. An escape may become feasible for a few reasons that includes such instances such as children and people that he had been
taught. These reasons may become respectable and understandable and he also believed that an escape was a wrong action. An escape would nullify a teaching of all Socrates honor and morals and the reason of his life.
There were different reasons for Socrates to accept the punishments and not to escape a sentence of death that he had been handling. Also, Socrates believed that people who were trying to found him as a guilty person, would understand that it was a right thing. It will further the assumptions of these people that Socrates was corrupting people’s minds by disobeying the law and running away from it. If the philosopher would have

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