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South Beach in Athens

South Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Athens. Its blue waves flickering in the sun and crashing the sand with clashing sound make the beach a stunning place to be, especially during the warm seasons. From the first sight it is difficult not to fall in love with amazing sunsets that take one’s breath away. It seems like the nature has applied its best colors that contrast each other and at the same time harmonically coalesce. The beach is an ideal place for those who look for peace and relaxation during the day as well as for fatigueless adventure seekers during the night. Apparently, South Beach is a fairly great place to be since it is a perfect mixture of a relaxing environment along with an entertaining night life spot. South Beach has a unique quality of turning into different kinds of places depending on the time of day. This feature makes the beach suitable for any beach goer regardless of his preferences.

As soon as the day starts to break, the reddish circle of the sun appears on the horizon. The sky grows unnatural purple color, which makes the general view look as if it is not even real, but rather a postcard picture edited by professionals. From the early hours the sun starts to scatter its radiant rays all over the area, creating a dazzling water shimmering. As one approaches the water, the redolent smell of sea salt seduces a sea-lover to take the plunge in the water which is still cool and fresh after the night. In the very early morning when there are few people if any on the beach, peace and silence are among the primary reasons to go there. Being surrounded by such atmosphere one can hide away from bump and grind of everyday life and be entirely relaxed at one with nature.

During the afternoon, South Beach is a good place to tan and swim in the fresh water of the sea. There is not only the nude sand but also plenty of sun lounges and sunshades in order to help beach goers avoid the sun in case it is too scalding during the summer months. For those who prefer to be active and mobile instead of lazing in the sun, South Beach offers a variety of ground-based and water sports. Beach goers have the opportunity to play volleyball, tennis, badminton as well as experience sailing, diving or snorkeling just to mention a few. South Beach is not only a place where one can demonstrate all his sport talents, but also a fairly safe spot for unskillful swimmers and accident-prone players. Within the beach area there is a life-guard spot as well as the first-aid post that are supposed to rescue and give first aid to beach goers as accurate as possible.

In addition to all the irreplaceable attractions, it is impossible for the goers to starve as one can hardly resist trying the delicious dishes of traditional …

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