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Successful Leadership

A successful leader is capable of challenging the process, inspiring others to act and encouraging them. (Kouzes and Posner 2) Leaders are in a constant process of seeking and accepting challenges. It is impossible to discover new things or make considerable achievements while staying in a comfort zone. Therefore, they need to take risks, experiment and look into the unknown. To find new and unexpected ideas a true leader has to be open for the changes. In fact, it means that he has to be ready to receive thoughts and concepts from anywhere and anyone. A true leader has the ability to listen and to make judgments. Moreover, he must be able to pick the right people and use their talents, which increases the possibility of positive outcomes and useful ideas. Finally, the main way to discover the unexpected ideas is to experiment. (Maxwell 28)

The most difficult thing about taking risks and trying new things is that there is no guarantee that the results will be satisfying or there will be any at all. Uncertainty is the worst part of risk taking. However, there is a positive side as well because the risk is often a step forward that enables progress, which would be impossible without accepting the challenges of the unknown. (Maxwell 29)

During my group project work, I experienced the pros and cons of leadership. I understood that each decision has to be calculated and reasonable. Otherwise, the work of many people can be ruined. I was able to feel the amount of responsibility that obliges the leader to be attentive, confident, flexible and convincing. Those are the qualities that I am willing to develop and that will certainly help me to work productively and consistently.

There is always a feeling that I could have taken more risks or challenges, however, I believe that frugality in this kind of activity is also important because it prevents from making wrong steps as a result of an excessive passion for progress. The main mistake that a leader can do is to think that he is special and everybody around must obey his words. Considering my in-class experience, the leader is only a function. It is a number of obligations that must be done correctly just like any other within a certain project group. It is not an attribute of power.

Speaking of enabling others to act, a true leader always finds the right words to encourage those who follow him. It develops mutual trust and positively affects the working environment. For me the first real leader was my school teacher, who had a special approach towards making students feel confident. She examined our strong sides, tried to find out our interests, emphasized the positive sides of every complicated task, communicated a lot with each student and made everybody feel special. (Kouzes and Posner 5)

However, some teachers were quite strict, especially when you failed the test. That is when a lot of criticism and accusations happen. Each minor or major mistake …

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