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ESL Education Paper Summary

The aim of the work is to analyze the quality of English as a Second Language teaching and offer certain teaching models that might be helpful in the process of studying. The work discusses the advantages and the assets of using literature as a means of elevating the students’ level of knowledge of English. As a suggested pattern of changing the focus of the studying process on students, the work offers engaging activities that are based on literature. The work proves that using literature education is a way to modernize the system of ESL teaching as well as to better the final results of students.

Research Environment

As noted, the teaching techniques used for mastering English in modern Korea should be ameliorated with the help of literature contribution. The main issue is in the fact that there is no consideration for the multifaceted nature of the English language and the difficulties students face due to the test-oriented teaching which is, as a rule, fragmented and uniform.

Theoretical Approach to the Issue

The study refers to using literature in studying a language as ‘integrative literature education.’ Therefore, literature and language are inseparable, as they coexist and greatly rely on each other. Furthermore, literary works reflect culture, since when analyzing them one has to consider peculiarities of the language as well as the ones of the culture. This is the very reason why language education has to be deeply integrated with literature and culture. It is rather evident that there can be no unified system for everybody, due to certain individual characteristics of all learners. Nevertheless, should different theories be included, there might be a way to agree on new teaching techniques.

The modern system of education is generally teacher-oriented and does not give students many opportunities to expand their knowledge of English. The response theory takes a closer look at reader response which reflects how people react to certain literary works and what moves them to have such opinions.. Similarly, teaching should be oriented and based on the response received from students. It is the cooperation between reader as a learner and reader as a teacher that leads the process to become aesthetic and information-seeking.

English Literature Teaching and Learning Model

The work establishes the ways to make a shift from teacher-orientation to learner-orientation by using literature education. Changing the focus is the core alteration that can be made with the help of literature education. Literary texts give an opportunity to raise one’s knowledge of certain subjects and integrate the received knowledge into the process of mastering English. As a result, not only does it help to boost the process of studying, but also to be culture-aware and versed in the field of literature.

Among the activities offered as a means of using the model is, for example, “Understanding the author”. The task is about collecting information about the author which is either apparent or latent in a text. The reader (learner) has to create an image of the author based on the given …

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