Sustainable Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence Responses example

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Sustainable Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence Responses

Response to Student

I like the topic on sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture workshops provide one-on-one interactions with various stakeholders. Sustainable agriculture workshops provide one-on-one interactions with various stakeholders. These workshops provide a plat form where short policy briefs offer a guideline that offers a different perspective of thinking.

Additionally, the agriculture workshops will help in the professional assessment of the needs of city living in Portland, Oregon (Halberg & Muller 192). The fact that you have considered the population of residents in Portland, Oregon is good. The percentage of the residents who value sustainable agriculture is critical in determining the impact of the project to the community. On this area you could add these few suggestions (Lichtfouse 7-39):

-What is the climate and weather patterns of the region that may contribute to the population and development of insects?

-What is the level of soil nutrient in the city of Portland?

Response to Student

You did a good job in artificial intelligence technology. Using artificial intelligence at OSU is an interesting topic because it highlights how technology has an impact on the life of the learners. Artificial intelligence has gained a much attentions because of its potential to guide the advancement of computer technology. Furthermore, the objective of the science of artificial intelligence is to refine human intelligence. As a matter of fact, human intelligence involves emotion, learning, belief, thinking and memory.

Hence, doing research on this topic will provide evidence on the benefits of artificial intelligence to students (Issa & Isaias 1). As a recommendation on polishing up your work, you may consider various questions such as:

- Are the students equipped to comprehend the issues that are recognized critical in artificial intelligence? (Ennals 77)

- Is the artificial intelligence technology intended to offer mental puncture repair outfit or training solutions?

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