The Challenges Implementing Trump's Campaign Goals example

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The Challenges Implementing Trump's Campaign Goals

Donald Trump campaign slogan expressed that he wished to make America great again. To achieve this greatness, he stated that he would lock out immigrants and products from Mexico and china. This move is a quest to bring the manufacturing jobs back to America (Qiu, 2016). However, bringing back manufacturing jobs is not as easy as it sound and it might actually not happen. Trump should expect a number of challenges along the way.

Trump aims to withdraw from trade partnerships (Ainsworth, 2016). He feels that these partnerships stole American manufacturing jobs. However, this move will lead to more expensive trade, higher price for manufacturing components and consequently inflated prices for most goods.

America shifted its production industries overseas where there was cheaper labor and cheaper raw materials. In turn, Americans had access to cheaper items but manufacturing jobs were lost. Bringing back the manufacturing companies to America will mean lesser profits and higher prices for goods (McKissen, 2017). Trump has to consider whether Americans are willing to buy something at a higher price just because it is locally made.

Technological advancement led to loss of manufacturing jobs. This happened when machines replaced humans in the assembly line. The return of manufacturing companies might not bring back the jobs, as these companies will still chose automated means over humans (McKissen, 2017). Companies still manufacture more goods as compared to 1984 even with one third less workers. Secondly, Americans have shifted to the service sector and many find factory jobs unpleasant. Trump has to consider these two factors before pushing manufacturing companies to relocate to America.


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