U.S. Constitution: Articles 5-7 example

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U.S. Constitution: Articles 5-7

Articles 5-7 are the final three parts of the U.S. Constitution, which was adopted in 1787 and ratified in 1788. The Article 5 defines the ways how amendments to the Constitution can be proposed. It may surprise, but only two thirds of both Houses or the legislatures of two thirds of some States are needed to propose changes to the most important legislative document of the country. I used to believe this procedure was much more complicated and more votes were necessary to adopt amendments. Nevertheless, the article also decrees that in order to ratify a proposed amendment, the votes of the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States are needed. Another way to adopt amendments, which is set forth in the Article 5, is a national convention, which also needs two-thirds of the States and three-quarters to ratify. It seems more reasonable, as I believe the Constitution, as a fundamental legislative document of the county, should be extremely hard to change.

Article 5 also empowers any State to have an equal suffrage in the Senate. This part may be interesting as in fact it defines that the votes of all the States in the U.S. are absolutely equal regardless of their population, size, or budget. This principle is fundamental in American political system, as it became one of the main reasons many States in the fullness of time expressed their wish to join the United States.

Article 6 of the document makes provisions that any engagement entered into before its adoption remained valid against the United States, regardless if they were under the Confederation, or under the new constitution. This part legislatively declares the United States as a legal successor of the Confederation, which was extremely important for fulfillment of international treaties and obligations.

Article 6 also makes all the provisions of the Constitution supreme over any state laws and obligatory to adhere in any courts. This part is vitally important, as, despite the fact that judicial systems of several States may differ, there is always a …

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