The Compliance Plan Healthcare Assignment example

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The Compliance Plan Healthcare Assignment

What is the focus of the compliance plan?

The purpose of the Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority compliance plan is to reflect the organization’s commitment to comply with the relevant rules and regulations that govern the operations of a hospital in the United States. The plan also identifies the scope of the organization in complying with rules and regulations. The compliance plan document outlines the relevant compliance activities for the hospital and its members. Another purpose of the compliance plan is to educate, detect potential risks for non-compliance and how the organization will resolve unethical conduct (Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority, 2014).

In what ways the compliance plan following the text’s and/or OIGs guidelines

It is a written policy

According to Goldsmith (2011), then first key element of a compliance plan is a written policy. An important requirement of an organization’s compliance plan is that it should be presented in written form and all members as well as the board of directors agree to it. The compliance plan for the Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority is in writing thus complying with the requirement that all policies should be in written form. The institution also notes that its compliance has been distributed to the relevant stakeholders including employees, managers and the board for purposes of getting their support. Goldsmith (2011) notes that it is easier for stakeholders to support a written compliance plan than an oral policy.

The Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority has designated an individual to the position of a compliance officer.

According to Goldsmith (2011), designating an individual to the position of a compliance officer improves the successful functioning of a compliance plan. A compliance officer is a senior manager and is respected within the organization because of his or her ability to act judiciously and confidentially. The Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority has appointed a chief compliance officer charged with the responsibility of overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the compliance plan. The chief compliance officer reports to the Chief Executive Officer as well as the organization’s Board of Trustees. Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority’s compliance plan outlines the scope of authority for the compliance officer and his roles in the organization.

The compliance offers education and training to employees

Education and training is an important element of a compliance plan. According to Goldsmith (2011), organizations are required to train their employees about corporate compliance. The training must be serious and recurrent to ensure that all employees develop a deep understand of the compliance plan. Additionally, all training and education plans must involve all employees and any other parties that may be involved in the process of implementing the plan (Wolper, 2004). Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority trains and educates employees, volunteers, medical staff and contractors during orientation. In addition to orientation training, the organization also offers in-service training annually. The director also educates employees about policies and procedures during the process of adoption. During Medical Executive Committee …

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