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The Film “Seven”

This essay is planning to address the important issues of the modern society, in particular the problems of morality and the development of human nature. The film “Seven” will be discussed, in particular its main ideas and philosophical issues being aroused at the scene. The existentialist ideas of Jean-Paul Sartre are to serve the basis for the analysis of the philosophical concepts aroused in the film. Finally my opinion on the nature of human condition is to be presented and the conclusions are to be derived concerning the ability of a person to become the producer of his own life.The film “Seven” describes how the two detectives Somerset and Miller are hunting for the serial killer John Doe who performed several crimes. Each of the killer’s victims possesses one the seven deadly sins. The film is philosophical in its nature, as the important questions of life and death are raised on the screen. Somerset is the detective with a long-term career, who is tired of sins in the modern society and is ready to leave his post in order not to see the dark side of life day by day.

At the same time Miller is a young detective, who is full of optimism and is expecting to make the society a better place; however is not much acquainted with the dark side of life. The killer John Doe is the most interesting character in the film, as he tries to punish his victims for their sins and at the same time suffers from the sin of envy himself. The tragedy of the film became vivid in the final, when Miller’s wife was killed by John Doe and Miller didn’t manage to overcome this and killed Doe. Actually in the end Doe punished himself for the sin of envy to the Miller’s happy family life. What is the main idea of the film? The film explores the decay of morality in the modern society, when people are indifferent to each other and it is not quite clear what is right and what is wrong. Doe decided to be the teacher of people, as nobody else cares. In his point of view the modern world is full of sins and his victims are to be punished, as nobody else cares about this. Actually the terms of morality are lost in the modern society. People think only about the rise of their capital and focus on making money rather than on human relations. Each human being becomes apathetic about his surroundings and is not interested in the life of other. John Doe makes a decision to wake the population from its apathy and indifference to each other and bring the society back to the problems of morality.

Of course his instrument is violence, as he expects this to be the most effective way to show the people how immoral their lives are. Detectives themselves are representatives of the modern society and each of them …

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