The Impact of Computer-Aided Instruction on Student Achievement Research example

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The Impact of Computer-Aided Instruction on Student Achievement Research


This purpose of this study is to examine the impact of computer-aided instruction (CAI) on student performances in a business education course. The study compared a classroom where only traditional method was used to a
classroom where traditional instruction and supplemental CAI were used. Theorists and practitioners of education have always made concerted efforts to facilitate students’ learning by enhancing the quality of learning
experiences (Anderson, 2008). Many nations of the world have come to realise that national development is a function of quality education made available to their citizenry, as no nation advances beyond the quality of
its educational system. This explains why developed nations utilize substantial part of their annual budgets to provide qualitative education, professional in-service training programmers and sponsorship of creative
researches in humanities, science and technology (Ademoyo & Adetona, 2005). The goal is to encourage the student to improve their achievement to the highest level. Nevertheless, it is quite certain that effective teaching of Physics transcends reliance on information and methodology sourced from instructional materials like textbooks alone. This practice of sourcing information only from textbooks is inadequate and sometimes restricted to its place of publication (Aina, 2013).

Keywords: computer-aided, education, students.

The Impact of Computer-Aided Instruction on Student Achievement

Computers are electronic devices for storing and processing data in binary form. The definition of computers directly points to their role in assisting students to achieve their academic goals. Not only can computers
store huge chunks of data (varies according to their storage capacity) but they also process the data fast. Therefore, they are efficient in student achievement. Additionally, computer-aided instruction (hereafter CAI) is
more convenient in today’s world compared to human-aided instruction. It is because the computer affords an individual interaction with the student relative to a teacher offering assistance to many students at a time.
Further, the individual assistance may not be afforded to the students in need of it because they are embarrassed to look stupid. Thus, the computer identifies (a) student(s) area(s) of weakness (es) and focuses on them.
While computers are vital in today’s learning environment, there is need to evaluate their significance to students in business courses, evaluation of their flaws if any, sanctions on time and age limit and if CAI can cripple
critical thinking among learners by comparing various theories and literary studies on the topic.

CAI was first used in the mid-1950s and early 1960s. A collaboration of pedagogues from Stanford University in California and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) introduced it into selected elementary
schools. Initially, only drill systems were used to test CAI programs because of the limited resources and funds …

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