The Need for Managerial Competence Sociology Chapter Review example

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The Need for Managerial Competence

This chapter is informative and I have learnt that: people have fear of taking up managerial roles in fear of losing their roles of helping people and providing services to the people. Alsoitâ's very educative on what management means that is simply planning the objectives to be achieved, organising people on ways to achieve the goals, leading and encouraging them on the achievement and then reviewing their work to see how well they have achieved the goals. The main objective of the organisation is to serve the people to its maximum.

Types of human service agencies.

Under this chapter I have learnt that human services can be classified in three different ways.

a. Based on the services they provide for example population-oriented agencies that meet the services and advocacy needs of a particular cultural group.

b. On the basis of size, they vary from tiny storefront agency to multifaceted community organisation to state public service department.

c. In terms whether they are non-profit agencies, profit organisations or government entities.

Economic trends

In this chapter I understand that in the late Twentieth Century there has been globalisation of economic that benefits many wealthy people. It also causes stress and dislocations for residents and workers in United States.
Difficult economic conditions leads to immigration of people from undeveloped countries to United States. In early twenty first century I have learnt that poverty and economic crisis determines the mental health
problems. That poor people are exposed to more stressors and in return they have few resources to manage the stressors.

Management by Objectives

This chapter provides good information based on the objectives. It's stated that objectives in their definition are measurable and have time frame and that they should be stated in terms of outcomes. If possible all objectives
should be reviewed at the same time to ensure that the employee can be able to achieve them in the reporting period. This should be done under the consideration with the resources available and the existing organisational
and environmental conditions.

Affirmative Action

This chapter is very informative, I have learnt that affirmative action are designed to remedy discriminatory patterns that have existed in the past. If an organisation recognizes that past inequalities have led to
underrepresentation of women and minorities then the organisation can develop goals to promote such groups. It has …

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