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Healthcare and Nursing: Thoughts about the Videos

After watching the videos ‘Deinstitutionalization - From Hospital to Community Care’ and ‘Why the Asylums are Empty’, it becomes apparent that deinstitutionalization of medical car remains to be an issue of a primary concern. In the majority of the countries in Europe, for many years, big clinical institutions were leading in the services of care for the individuals with serious and chronic conditions, and that counted the patients with mental health problems, as it was specified in ‘Deinstitutionalization - From Hospital to Community Care’ (“Deinstitutionalization - From Hospital to Community Care” 2015). It was emphasized that in spite of the fact that a lot of aspects played a role to the innovative decision of shifting to the asylum standard of care, it has proven to be wrong in the course of time. Certain people believed that putting the patients together in big quantities with competent personnel was the most efficient method of offering care and treatment to those who suffered from mental illnesses (“Why the Asylums are Empty” 2016). One more justification was the humiliation or stigma of the general population towards the people with mental issues or their close relatives. In addition, asylums were also from time to time utilized as tools of control in society. Based on this, it becomes obvious that asylums were not only about helping people (“The Rise and Fall of the American Asylum” 2015).

On the other hand, after watching the videos, it is clear that although the shift to community care is essential, this progression of deinstitutionalization and substation of the asylums with civilized, efficient and simple options is a long way from being finished. In the majority of nations, this shift has been rather irregular, sometimes leaving a gap among the termination of institutions and the accessibility to alternate service areas for the general population. It is vital to make sure that acceptable, fitting and easily administered community care is accessible for every member of the community in order to reach full potential from these reforms.

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