The Risk To Society Due To The Media example

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The Risk to Society Due to the Media

All the forms of the media represent a complex mixture of psycho-social, cultural, economical, geographical, behavioral, historical, ethical, environmental, political, and informational aspects. As a source of information, media acts as a guide and power that inspire and motivate society for actions, ways of perception, and cognition of certain events, transformation, positive and negative issues in daily life and interactions. A modern way of life relies on the use of mobile electronic devices, social networks, television, and cell phones, which integrates various risks that include forced intrusion of information, violation of privacy, distorted and biased portrayal of events, and, what is more important, media can act as an easy access to sensitive information that may not be suitable for all age groups. As the exchange of information takes its route, there is not enough control in the media realm that would implement relevant mechanisms to make media safe and filtered for the society in adherence to moral and commonly accepted social values. The most evident example of unsafe aspect of the media is lack of privacy, especially in the case of coverage of particular events or a public figure. As soon as the media takes on a certain position by creating coverage of a sensitive issue of any given kind, there is an increased danger of biased attitude and following of a pre-made pattern that meets the interests of stakeholders, political parties, and the owners of the media networks. Due to a frequent lack of professional attitude, media possesses certain risks to privacy of people and organizations. While the media is often seen as a source of sensation and the news that will revolve around the latest and the most striking, there is little said about the ways how this information is obtained and what kind of production techniques are used. Since media revolves through various social network platforms, there is a vast amount of methods to exchange information and affect society as a powerful inspirational weapon. Technological advancements of the modern age leave very little space for analysis, study, and self-assessment that would make it possible for a casual person to sort all the available information and make a conclusion that would not be based upon what is most popular in the last hour or upon a number of animated icons that describe fascination or lack of support of a certain issue or even a phrase.

Another risk to the society due to the media involvement is in a way how information is being presented and a bias that motivates people for support or hostility towards given issues. It is frequently used by the media corporations to distribute their agenda and business interests in terms of profits and coverage. As the society relies on the media, it turns to a global victim of information age. There is a growing dependency on digital devices that already come pre-installed with news gadgets that strive for setting the mood of the …

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