The Wireless Web: SureCall example

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The Wireless Web: SureCall

Canadian call center SureCall was chosen for the research on how lost of Internet affects business activities. Based in Canad, company offers a number of online support services thus making Internet connection a cornerstone for its activity. In case of Internet lost, company may from financial losses, loss of customers and even brand value. Thus the company should ensure that Internet connection is provided through at least two channels and there are also back-up agents working out of the office to cope with the unprocessed urgent clients’ requests.

The set of services offered by SureCall makes stable and non-disruptive Internet connection vital for the performance of its main activities. Among the declared directions of the company’s activities are reservation and online registration processing, customer service help desk, online processing of client’s requests, email response services, and other help desks. Primarily, company works with small businesses serving as the agent between companies’ clients and the company itself ("SureCall – Canadian Call", 2017). That is how the efficiency of the call center performance has direct impact on the company’s partners and has to be excellently built and managed.

Nevertheless, Internet connection may be disrupted under circumstance beyond the call center’s control and that is what requires thorough consideration and proper attention on the part of the company authorities. First of all, with the disruption of the web connection, employees occupied with customer support responsibilities cannot perform their initial responsibilities while the company is obliged to pay them for their time spent on work. In such a situation, company losses both money from the possible clients’ requests and money to-be-spent on the salaries of the call managers.

With loss of immediate customers, company risks of losing customers in the long-run due to the multiple possibilities of the easy dissemination of personal experiences by customers having failed to contact the Center. In case with the SureCall which is fully occupied with the online support services, failure to provide services to the customers would result into high dissatisfaction with the promised support of both the call company as well as the company who delegated these responsibilities to this company ("SureCall – Canadian Call", 2017). With the abundance of blogs and comment section in social media, even one-time Internet disruption may prevent people from using the service in future. By sharing unsatisfying personal experience on the easily acceptable online platforms would create unfavorable and not appealing company’s image.

Apart from financial losses, impossibility to engage new customers, and even risks to lose the prospective ones, SureCall is likely to meet another difficulty, namely the partners in the form of small business that actually enable its services. Without trust, mutual respect and strong image, company could not find partners and thus lose its general ability to provide calls-connected services. Nevertheless, in case the disruptions take place seldom or only once-twice a year, risk will not be regarded as such. That is why it is of special importance to the company to ensure at least …

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