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The theater is one of the most popular entertainments that have stood the test of times. When speaking about theater, one usually means a variety of art forms. However, all these forms have common elements that are considered in the present paper. While approaching a performance at the MGM Grand Hotel, the paper argues that theater is a unique art form that involves collaboration between performers and the audience.Wilson & Goldfarb (2012) suggest that all theater performances have six common elements without which “an event ceases to be theater and becomes a different art form and a different experience” (p. 9). These elements are performers, audience, director, theater space, design aspects, and text (Wilson & Goldfarb, 2012). Upon a closer consideration, it can be concluded that all these elements were evident in the performance at the MGM Grand Hotel.

The role of performers in theater can be hardly understimated, as “Acting is at the heart of all theater” (Wilson & Goldfarb 11). In order to create a great performance, an actor is expected to have a native talent as well as to be involved in the ongoing improvement of professional skills (Stanislavski 28). Seeing a performance at the MGM Grand Hotel allowed me testing the validity of this assertion. Since I am not a native English speaker, I was not able to understand the whole text. However, gestures and facial expressions of the actors were expressive, so I did not feel the language barrier.The actors managed to establish cooperation with the audience, and the latter felt part of the performance. While viewing theater as a collaborative art form, Wilson & Goldfarb (2012) provide an excellent comparison suggesting that it is “like an electrical connection” (11). It is very important that there is a contact between the troupe and the audience, as watching a performance is a public, rather than private experience (Wilson & Goldfarb, 2012).

It would though be wrong to assume that the troupe managed to collaborate with the audience only by the actors’ talent. The collaboration was also facilitated by the text, theater space, and design elements. Since I was not able to understand much of the text, I will focus on the latter two elements.Unlike in literary art, language is only one part of the world of performing art (Fuchs 4-9). A great responsibility also rests with theater space and elements of design (Wilson & Goldfarb, 2012). While watching the performance, I was amazed at how the space was organized. There was a very high wall in the center of the scene, and it caused the feeling of excitement and risk that was further reinforced by big rolling hoops that were integral elements of the performance. The dynamism of the performance was provided by the quick change of the stage. I could count ten changes. When analyzing the performance, I believe that its director set himself a number of important objectives. One of the objectives was to …

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