Violence Against Children Research example

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Violence Against Children Research

Taking into consideration the fact that cruel treatment of children permeates the entire history of human development, the trend of increasing violence against children is one of the major problems of the modern
society. Furthermore, this phenomenon is typical for all countries, cultures, and socioeconomic strata all over the world (Gosselin, 2013). This essay focuses on the issue of violence against children and discusses
such forms of sexual assault as molestation, rape, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pornography, and forced prostitution.
Molestation implies the involvement of a child in committing acts of a sexual nature. In such a way, an adult performs purposeful actions that cause a child to have an untimely heightened interest in sexuality, sexual
fantasies, feelings, and desires. The result of molestation is committing sexual acts with a child without violence using only his or her curiosity and inexperience. Rape is the complete opposite of molestation since it
implies the commission of sexual intercourse by one or more people with a child without the consent of the latter. Usually, rape is defined as a sexual act committed using physical violence or the threat of its use.
Voyeurism is a sexual deviation characterized by an incentive to spy on a child engaged in intimate processes such as undressing or taking a shower. Exhibitionism is another form of deviant sexual behavior when sexual
satisfaction is achieved by demonstrating the sex organs to a child. In most cases, this process is also accompanied by sexual arousal and masturbation. Child pornography is considered to be the form of sexual
exploitation of a child by an adult. It implies any visual depiction of sexual behavior. Forced prostitution is a practice that takes place when an adult forces a child to be engaged in sexual activity (Schwartz-Kenney,
McCauley, & Epstein, 2001). Due to the fact that forced prostitution violates human rights, it is a crime against the person.
In conclusion, it can be said that violence against children is a huge problem throughout the world. Thus, is extremely necessary to take appropriate measures to eradicate this practice to provide children with a
bright future.

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