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What Does Fitness Mean to Me

From the moment of birth and till our very last breath, one of the things that stays with us our whole life is our body. Being fit is a sign of self-respect and discipline, and for these reasons I consider fitness to be an essential aspect to any person considering themselves successful.

Being fit is all about feeling strong and capable compared to others, and making yourself less vulnerable to illnesses and injuries. The answer to whether or not one should take up fitness is obvious. If you cannot force yourself to visit the gym three days in a week or at the very least go for morning jogs, then why would you expect yourself to succeed in other areas of your life. By training your body you train your mind to overcome mental barriers and build a stronger free will. Work for your body and your body will work for you. Through exercising, I can strengthen my immune system and at the same time increase my body’s ability to adapt and recover from everyday tasks. Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, being fit generally make you feel good. Since how you think and feel influences everything in your life, it is not a question of whether or not I should take up fitness, but should be how and when do I get started.

One of the challenges veterans face when transitioning from active service to civilian life is maintaining an active lifestyle. Soldiers burn an insane amount of calories through training and get hooked and addicted to the feeling, to say the least. If they continue consuming the same amount of calories while living an on-the-couch lifestyle, things are going to turn out bad. The benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle are countless, and veterans can and should incorporate it into their lives.

It is not uncommon for veterans to experience severe weight gain after their separation from the military. In doing so, they increase the risk of getting chronic diseases later in life. The best way to battle these threats is cardio and strength training. Cardio is great for increasing your metabolism and helps burn calories more efficiently.

Seeing how routine was essential to any veteran’s day during service, working out helps adjust to life after the military by adding structure to the day. Finishing a workout gives you a surge of positive “feel good” emotions. It makes you feel accomplished and convinces you can tackle any problem life will throw at you and helps pursue current goals by giving motivation.

Another benefit to working out is that fitness helps battle certain health conditions. Arthritis is one condition you can battle with fitness. It helps limit pain and maintain mobility, boosts energy, keeps muscular tissue strong for the support of joints and prevents certain disabilities. Sleep apnea stresses the heart and repeatedly interrupts sleep. Studies show that people who exercise sleep longer and more deeply than those who live a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising cut the …

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