3 Short Papers on the Education example

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3 Short Papers on the Education

The worst experience I had in doing a standardized exam

I spent the whole night reading for my exam that I was to do on the morning of the following day. I slept at 3 am trying to go through all the notes that the instructor had offered to us during the semester. I was so happy when I took rest because I knew I was thoroughly ready with the paper and I would pass. Unfortunately, I overslept and I woke up in the morning late. I got up at seven o’clock and the school bus had already left me. My alarm did not ring that day. I did not realize that the battery was faulty. I did not have time to even take a shower or a snack. I dressed up for school and ran to school. I decided to take a cub to school. I arrived at eight only to realize that I had left my exam pass in the house. I had to explain it to the instructor who was already furious that I was late for the paper. He allowed me into the examination room 30 minutes late. It took me several minutes before I got my mind together. I could say I started working on the paper one hour late. I had forgotten most of the things. Time running out and I did not have time to revise the paper. I had made so many mistakes in between. I could not ask for an extension and as you all know, there is never a second chance with standardized exams. I gave in the paper feeling disappointed with myself. When the results were out, I had a C+. Actually, I was grateful since I never thought I could have gotten the chance to get into the exam room without the exam pass.

The purpose of NYSESLAT

The purpose of NYSESLAT is to guide the instructor on how they will conduct the classes. It guides the instructor on the mode of teaching and the topics that should be covered for the course. In addition, it has well-written notes to the instructors on the topics to be covered. In 2015, the exam is different from other years. This is because the course outline has changed and it has accommodated all types of the students in the state. The assessments are different depending on the person being assessed whether the ELL or ESL students. The ELL’s are, therefore, favored by the change since they have a soft landing. They will have a different manner of training and their syllabus is slightly different. This will help them comprehend the instructions in a better manner.

The Grade K

My grade is grade K. The test is very practical in that it uses the pictures to teach and answer the questions. It offers real-life activities and scenarios. This way the students are able to learn faster and enhance their memory as well. The test is also …

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