"A Class Divided" Frontline Series Reflection Paper example

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"A Class Divided" Frontline Series Reflection Paper

The video A Class Divided is an episode of the year of 1985 of the Frontline series that was directed by William Peters. This episode shows a schoolteacher from Iowa Jane Elliott and the third grades, who were taking part in the exercise on the prejudice and discrimination in the year of 1970. Then, these people were reunited to recall such an experience that year. In the year of 1968, following the leader of civil rights, Martin Luther King murder, a teacher Jane Elliot discussed the discrimination issues, prejudices, and racism with the children of the third grade in Riceville, Iowa. She did not feel that this discussion would get through a class, Ms. Elliott started an exercise of the “blue and brown eyes” to reinforce the racism and discrimination unfairness. It meant that the students with the blue eyes had a preferential treatment and they were given a positive reinforcement feeling themselves superior over the children with brown eyes for a day. Such a procedure was a reversed one and changed the next day. Ms. Elliott gave a preference to students with brown eyes. As a result, groups that were favored, answered all the questions accurately and quickly performing better in the tests. Children who were discriminated were feeling downcast hesitating on their answers and being uncertain, and they performed poorly in the tests that were provided (Peters).

The New York Times newspaper published an article of Ms. Elliott and then William Peters shot a film about this class divided. The footage had a name The Eye of the Storm and it was aired in 1970 on ABC. It was a
surprise for Peters that children were disinterested with cameras, because of their involvement in the experiment and exercise not having an idea about being filmed. This film was picking up a story in the year of 1984
and eleven of the grown children reunited with Ms. Elliott. The Eye of the Storm was re-watched with the former students and Ms. Elliott at the request. Th students recalled all their memories and feelings at the film
time, expressing an anger and shame when they were wearing the collars which were of brown color. Students felt superiority and elation shedding the colors. The adults agreed that the prejudice and racism were wrong and
this lesson must be experienced by the other adults, children, and students as a form for understanding of a racism and discrimination problem (Watson, 123).

According to Wolfgang Welsch, aestheticization should be affirmed but not be rejected without a qualification. Epistemological anesthetization thought is the principal reasons that make the inevitability to be …

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