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Alzheimer's Disease

At the international level the plan addressed to the needs of people with dementia is provided. It included: Promotion of broad public awareness of the diseaseIdentifying needs of people who suffer from the disease at all its stages Quantifying of the number of individuals with dementia

Assessment of the quality of health care, social care and long-term care support and services

Assessment of availability of diagnostic services

Promotion of healthy lifestyle

At the national level the plan includes raising of awareness about the disease, providing appropriate care coordination, quality care recommendations, analysis of risk factors and development of methods for its prevention, introduction of budgets for families assistance, creation of pilot projects, protection the rights of people who suffer from the disease , providing availability to treatmentLocal agencies should provide high quality of care, availability to treatment, increasing the awareness of people about the diseases, improving the quality of the care services, introducing programs that prevent risks of disease spread, provide educative lecture and programs for people how to prevent the disease, providing people with affordable treatment and ways of protection from disease (free blood tests, free and cheap condoms, cheap treatment and medication), estimate the number of cases of a certain disease, proposing free diagnostic tests, immunizations for HIV-Infected Adults and Adolescents.

The epidemiology of one infectious and one non-infectious disease

Non-infectious disease:

Alzheimer's disease

The most common form of dementia;

Affects about 496,000 people in the UK;

Most people suffer from it at age of 65 and older

5.4% of the population over the age of 65, 15 million people are affected worldwide by Sporadic Alzheimer's disease

The cause of the sporadic form of the disease is unknown

Familial Alzheimer's disease is a rare form of disease (EMIS Group plc, Infectious disease: HIV and AIDs98,400 people have lived with HIV in the UK by 201227,798 diagnoses of AIDS in the UK21,117 people with HIV died People acquire HIV through hetero or homo-sexual sex, injecting drugs, through mother-to-child transmission, blood productsThe largest proportion of HIV diagnoses among people between 25-34 : 52,554 have suffered from HIV since 1981 (AVERT, 2014)

Effectiveness of the approaches and strategies for control of the incidence of diseases

The approaches to control of the incidences of disease are rather effective, since the number of people with HIV/AIDs has reduced for the last ten years in the UK (Public Health England, 2011). However, it is necessary to conduct free blood tests more often in order to diagnose the diseases more effectively, as many cases are left unknown. It is also important to develop programs where healthy people will study how to treat people with Alzheimer's disease and HIV/ AIDs, in order to prevent their loneliness and neglecting.

Case Scenario

The recommendations for support of individuals with Alzheimer's disease:

Emotional support

Manage challenging behaviors

Improve communication

keep the person with Alzheimer's safe

use a support group for help

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