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American Patriotism

Patriotism denotes one’s attachment to his or her homeland’s culture, or the devotion one has to his country. Patriotism calls for devotion and love to one’s country (Steorts, 1). It is best depicted through an identification with fellow citizens in a sentimental way and seeking to serve their best interests aimed at achieving a common good (Steorts, 1). Patriotism in America has been referred by some as discrete from American nationalism due to the persistence of American patriotism towards values rather than being committed to the nation. American patriotism has as well been concerned with the values and principles of the United States Constitution.After the infamous attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, the feeling of being patriotic amongst Americans especially those in near unanimity have been witnessed. For many, that suffices sadly to make one a very solid patriot. The reactions that followed after the attacks were a serious surge of expression of patriotism by the public, something that was not witnessed since the World War II. The expressions were marked mostly by a level of respect that was unprecedented. Such respect and patriotism were showcased through activities like the American flag displays, admiration and sympathy for the New Yorkers and New York City by Americans in other areas of the United States.

Patriotism can be exercised by any person that feels love and is truly devoted to America regardless of linguistic, religious, ethnic or national background (Reed, 1). All a person needs to do is to commit wholly to the political ideology that is firmly centered on the ideals that are abstract, of equality, liberty, and republicanism. Thus, the ideological Universalist character of the nationality of America means that it is open to any person willing to embrace the American culture of patriotism.A common denominator for patriotism that is constitutional is that each citizen should be fully socialized into a political culture that is common (Reed, 1). The United States is one of the leading examples of a society that is multicultural where principles of constitution have taken root in a culture of politics without necessarily relying on all citizens having the same ethnic or cultural origins, or even language. The basis of patriotic American solidarity does not include any particular ethnic or racial identity or even religious beliefs, but rather moral ideals that are universal embodied in the political culture of the Americans. Based on commonality of ideals that are shared as well as being minimal, the constitutional patriotism is very attractive for the revealing agnosticism that is directed towards particular religious and moral outlooks and the identities that are enthnocultural to which it clearly aspires. In the United States of America, those willing to become citizens must be able to demonstrate knowledge that is basic, of the U.S. history and government (Walzer, 4).

Patriots that are constitutional would endorse this focus on principles and values. The legal principles are embodied in the political culture …

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