Is the American Dream More Helpful or Harmful in Solving the World’s Problems? example

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Is the American Dream More Helpful or Harmful in Solving the World’s Problems?

The American Dream is a dream of freedom and equity, achievement for a better life and opportunity to get competitive education. Nowadays, the world we are living in gets more complicated. Many countries face numbers of social, political and economic problems all over the globe. Some of these problems make people feel desperate. However, the American Dream makes a great influence all around the world in solving problems like inequality, lost confidence of teenagers and irrelevant education.

Some people define American Dream simply as a way to live in the United States of America. They consider the US a country imbued with freedom and equality and think that they can live there without any biases. If compared to some other countries, this claim can be true.

Fifty years ago, people of China were treated differently according to their social status. Individuals who lived in poverty were rejected by those who had a more prosperous and wealthy lives. They had to leave their places and decided to move to the United States of America, as they perceived it as a fine country to live in. Immigrants from any ethnic heritage or racial background have the opportunity to come to the US in order to become identified (Lazuk, 2015). Individuals who are rejected by their own country have an opportunity to get rid of their past life and start a new one in America.

Nowadays, the majority of teenagers tend to be lazy and consumed by a social status presented by their parents. The American Dream encourages them to achieve a better life and work harder. The teenagers of this generation are living in a comfortable environment created by their parents. They enjoy the goods and benefits they already have but do not think about achieving their own. The American Dreams helps them as well. “And two-thirds of us think that our lives should better than our parents” ( The American Dream encourages teenagers to struggle for a better life. It does not mean that the main target of this struggle is to purchase a car or a house. It focuses on creating the own life of a teenager, which does not depend on his parents.The American Dream promotes high level of education all around the world. Millions of students want to apply to American universities, as they consider the United States of America a one of the most developed countries in the world, which has a lot of resources.

Students define their American Dream as an opportunity to study there. Fortunately, the US offers a lot of opportunities for students from different countries and assists them during the whole studying process. As a result, individuals who graduated from American universities have more chances to find good jobs when they come back to their native countries.Despite the fact that the American Dream led to some negative results such as illegal immigrants, it …

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