Balancing Creativity and Constraint. Definition and Discussion of Organizational Communication example

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Balancing Creativity and Constraint. Definition and Discussion of Organizational Communication

Corporate communication is simply a balance between resourcefulness and limitation (Eisenberg, Goodall & Trethewey, 2010). Creativity in this context is a culture of innovation, best practices and new ideas allowed to thrive in a given company. Constraint, on the other hand, implies the limitations that may hinder employees’ strategic response such as timelines, monetary limits, and corporate rules. The primary focus of theorists back then was the association between peoples and the society. However, in the modern business world; this culminates to the connection between employees and organizations. Two conflicting schools of thought are used to examine the relationship. According to the macro-school of thought, peoples are shaped, manipulated and constrained not just by society but social institutions as well. On the contrary, the micro-school of thought holds the view that social structures are shaped by peoples in any given society (Eisenberg, Goodall & Trethewey, 2010).

As far as communication is concerned, both premises of thinking are concurrently legitimate. This classification has definite intentions for corporate communication based on whether or not prominence is anchored on how employees communicate to craft and form companies or on the limitations companies situate that communication. The advent of social media technology has taken communication to another level. The paper sets out to discuss how communication strikes a balance between creativity and constraints in social media and profiles.The balance of creativity and constraint is perceived as the logical arrangement. Therefore, it can be crucial for companies and people becoming successful. For example, students who may prefer to meet new friends in college, or a company looking for clients for its new products can use online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Such social platforms enable people as well as groups to promote themselves to a targeted audience, by posting profiles online reflect their personal and professional data (Eisenberg, Goodall & Trethewey, 2010).As people become more and more at ease with technology, nevertheless, many profiles are posted on these networks, enhancing the competition for hits and interactions. For that reason, profiles should be distinct to appeal to the readers and offer the required information.

Creators of good profiles have to put into consideration the element of creativity and constraint so as to efficiently and suitably market themselves. A good profile should be done in a way that it adheres to the guidelines and practices stipulated by a particular industry and remain open to innovation that goes beyond such frameworks. Similarly, this should be applied to successful marketing in online platforms. For instance, real profiles for dating depict the age, weight, height, profession, and interests of the author and the preferred attributes of the prospective date. Failure to provide this relevant information, readers will not only ignore such a profile but also consider it suspicious based on the lack of essential details. Regardless of the constraint to provide personal information, dating specialists allege that extremely constrained and lack …

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