Communication Failure in 9/11 Attacks example

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Communication Failure in 9/11 Attacks

Communication is an important tool that facilitates the transfer of information from one point to another. Communication is vital in virtually all organizations as it helps in the understanding of the situations that are taking place helping in the elimination of doubts and providing quick responses to urgent situations. Therefore, for the success of any organization or a piece of activity, communication has to take place and moreover, there has to be an active and trustworthy communication channel (Bimbo, 2010)..

It is important to note that communication is important when it comes to combating terrorism. Effective communication will provide Intel on what is being planned to take place, and this will ensure that enough resources regarding finances and time are allocated towards curbing the activity. Considering the case of the 9/11 attack (Atkins, 2011). The failures in communication are evident played a major vital role on September 11, 2001, attacks as well as the aftermath of the attacks. The communication that took place was inadequate among all the agents in this case.An example of a lack of communication during the 9/11 attacks is that one agency was not able to tell the other company on what was going on in the country and at the assault scene.

Therefore, it was a challenge as coordination was minimal among the agencies due to the lack of communication. The 9/11 attack causes a moral panic among all institutions and citizens in the nation and by the time the information was being relayed out it was already late. The availability of time hindered the reaction to the information as the damage had already been caused. Thus, there was a failure in communication as it caused slow reaction time to the terrorism case.Earlier insights show that before the attack, there was a plan that was to stop any unauthorized aircraft entering a no-fly zone. Moreover, there was a plan set aside to evacuate occupants in the twin towers. However, due to the lack of communication, no one knew what was taking place in the area hence limiting the operation plans.

A most notable factor is that all the agencies had different radio communication types and when they tried to relay the information it always came out wrong. There was a distortion of the information making it appear wrong every time the agencies attempted to relay it out. There was also a challenge as the agencies were not in a position to communicate with the military hence the reason for constant changing of information every time it reached the end target line. It is due to this reason that the news arrived late to the military hindering the opportunity to shut down the planes that caused the terrorism.In the armed forces, communication caused a failure between the Pentagon military commander and the FAA headquarters. The Pentagon had no information on the hijacking of the planes while after the hitting of the twin …

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