Comparative Analysis of Two Artworks example

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Comparative Analysis of Two Artworks


The paper discusses two artworks created at the same time period. They both depict women sitting in front of the artist and looking exactly on the viewer. The first artwork is a painting created by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. It is called “Dora Maar in an Armchair” and was done in 1939 using oil on canvas. Its dimensions are 28 7/8 x 23 ¾ inches which are a usual medium size for a portrait. The painting is exhibited in The Metropolitan Museum of Art under the accession number 1998.23 and provided by the Mr And Mrs Klaus G. Perls Collection in 1998. The second artwork is called “Jeanne Hébuterne” and was created by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Hi did this portrait in 1919 using oil on canvas. The dimensions of the painting are 36 x 28 3/4 inches, which is already bigger portrait than the one done by Picasso. The painting is also exhibited in The Metropolitan Museum of art under the accession number 56.184.2 and is a gift of Mr And Mrs Nate B. Spingold who provided the painting in 1956. The painting “Dora Maar in an Armchair” by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and the painting “Jeanne Hébuterne” by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani both represent the importance of women in the lives of artists, evidenced through their beauty, modesty, and colors.


“Dora Maar in an Armchair”

It seems that the women depicted in both paintings played the important roles in the lives of the artists, which is evident through their beauty that Picasso and Modigliani represented in their own ways and techniques. The first painting is “Dora Maar in an Armchair” that depicts a woman sitting in an armchair in front of the viewer with the wallpapers behind her. The woman has black hair hung to mid shoulder and is wearing a hat a dress. Dora Maar is a pseudonym of a French photographer, poet, and painter, Henriette Theodora Markovitch, who was a muse and a lover of Pablo Picasso. The artist used a lot of sharp angles and mostly dark and cold colors to represent a woman. It could be explained by the fact that Dora Maar had strong and rather independent character. It is also evident that she was the most intellectual of the mistresses of Picasso. In other words, the style of the painting is chosen because of the impression the woman created to the Picasso.

Dora Maar on the portrait has her eyes wide opened with a high-strung intelligence in them. The eyes of the woman are shining and they also have the lines around them that look similar to the stars behind her on the wall. In that way, the eyes compete with those stars that are depicted on the striped wallpaper of the room at Royan’s Hotel de Tigre where the couple lived together. It is noticeable that Picasso depicts Dora from two perspectives at the same time: …

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