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This research paper has been prepared for completion of the coursework assignment for The University of Adelaide. It is purely for academic purpose and cannot be used for any commercial purpose. In addition, the company selected for conducting this research does not have any direct or indirect interest or claim over this content. The use of the content of this report is strictly reserved with The University of Adelaide.


Executive Summary2

Chapter 1: Introduction3

Part I: Overview4

Part II: About UberEATS4

Part III: Research Questions4

Chapter 2: Research Methodology6

Part I: Methodology & Design7

Part II: Sample Participants7

Part III: Access of Data7

Chapter 3: Data Analysis & Findings9

Chapter 4: Conclusion and Recommendations13


Appendix A: Interview Guide15

Appendix B: Transcripts16


Executive Summary

This research is an attempt to identify the target market for the online food-delivery company, UberEats, and analysis of ‘what the customers like?’ and ‘What they don’t?’. In addition, the analysis takes the level of brand-awareness into account, concluding with the 4P’s of marketing to study the customer expectation and purchase intention. In short, the research report uses the qualitative methodology by adopting the interview method for collection of responses from the four identified target customer-groups.

The research helps in concluding that the best features of UberEats are its quick payment process, fresh and unique taste, quick delivery time, and discounted prices. In addition, there are a few recommendations for the company, including addition of more creative content and patterns on the website for engaging the new customers. Also, more restaurants should be added to the list for giving more options to the customers. Overall, the customers had strongly positive perception for UberEats.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter presents the overview of the company and the purpose of the research. It includes:

Part I: Overview

Part II: About UberEATS

Part III: Research Questions

Part I: Overview

UberEats established itself in the year 2016 through its online portal and mobile application. It claims to deliver the food fast and in fresh condition, catalysing its sales dramatically. The objective of this research is to analyse:

The prospective target market

The current customer-liking for UberEats

The features that are ‘liked the most’ and ‘disliked the most’

The expectations from UberEats versus the other preferred companies

Purchase intention and spending quotient

Part II: About UberEats

UberEats is an online food delivery company, which had been into ride-sharing business before entering into food business. The company has partners in various cities of Australia for carrying out its operations. UberEats allows its customers to place their orders through their smartphone app and website. The company claims to deliver food in less than thirty minutes, which adds to its competitiveness (UberEats, 2017).

Part III: Research Questions

As the overview presents the overall research objectives, the research questions framed for further development of the interview are:

R. Question 1: What are the topmost target customer-groups of UberEats?

R. Question 2: How much do the customers repeat orders with UberEats?

R. Question 3: How much do the customers like UberEats over other close competitor(s)?

R. Question 4: What top-5 features make UberEats the preferable service?

R. Question 5: What top-5 features put UberEats service behind the other food-delivery company?

R. …

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