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Culture Class Classmates Responses

Response 1


I consider the neoclassical age to be extremely important because it had a massive impact in terms of supporting the development of satire. Satire was developing in the era of logic and reason that can be defined as the main characteristics of neoclassical literature (Palmeri 134). I agree with you that satire provided artists with the ability to criticize powerful people. This allowed to increase the possibility of positive social changes that were extremely required because of inequality. I also agree with the example that you chose as they perfectly illustrate this period and the impact of satire.

Response 2


Thanks for the post. I completely agree with you that the age of Enlightenment had a massive contribution to the development not only literature but also visual art, architecture, and music. However, it is important to note that the age of Enlightenment also had a negative impact. That was because of the emphasis on reasoning that had corrupted the people (Kors 207). However, I agree that the people of that time had a need for a reform so that the age of Enlightenment provided them with a number of advantages. I think that Neoclassicism was supported by Rococo so that it became possible to turn the emphasis on reasoning into something positive.

Response 3


Thanks for your post. I also did not know much about this period of learning about it in the class. I think that such periods of cultural development as the Enlightenment period have provided us with the ability to grow both socially and economically. That is because culture is one of the most fundamental things that support the development of nations (Inglehart, and Welzel 27). Those nations who pay close attention to cultural heritage have more chances to grow and develop. Would you agree with my opinion?

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