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DesignLab Company Purpose Statement

This proposal will address the problem of how the company DesignLab will create an effective flexible work arrangement program in spite of the small size and not many employees. It contains the recommendations of changing hours, pattern and location of work.

2. Background of the Problem

DesignLab is an advertising agency that is located in downtown DC. It was created three years ago. The company is developing well. It has increased the number of employees from 5 to twenty employees for three years. All employees are professionals in their sphere and it is important for the top managers to create for them the most comfortable conditions for working. The company’s slogan is “work creatively – live creatively”. The company deals with many anchor companies in the town and in other cities. Today the company gets more and more orders from different parts of the country through the internet. The company plans to enter the international advertising market in future, so the top management thinks of the idea to divide their employees’ work into shifts. Besides, the problem is that 8 of 20 employees are the parents of a child who is school-aged or younger and two of them have a responsibility for the care of their parents. Five employees have to take their children to school and meet them from it, so it is difficult for them to work from 9 to 6 every day. Then, three of employees have the disability so it would be more convenient for them to work from home.

3. The Problem

Taking into account the problems which the company DesignLab faced, it is necessary to design an effective flexible work arrangement program which will meet the needs either employees or the company. It is necessary to include such changes as flexible start and finish times of work, split shifts, job sharing, and opportunity to work at home. However, the schedule should be worked out very thoroughly in order to prevent the delays in work due to the lack of the labor force at the same …

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