Education Paradigms in My Own Educational Experiences example

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Education Paradigms in My Own Educational Experiences

Did you encounter any of the negative elements discussed in the chapter and video? During my education I have experienced negative elements of boring teaching methods, when it was very difficult to focus attention. In one case, the material of the lesson was presented by the teacher in a very complicated way and in the other case the tasks given by the teacher did not have any reasonable mission. In the first case the teacher gave only oral instructions about the task without any example or diagram on the board.

The lesson was devoted to classical paintings. Instead of showing an easy example of surrealistic painting and the most fundamental principles for the class to understand, the teacher used a scholar article with complicated words, which we had to discuss and an give our opinion. However, it seemed like no one completely understood the task and some of the students were talking nonsense with references to the article. Many of the peers have hardships with focusing their attention on many lessons. I did not see anyone take pill, but many of the classmates were anaesthetized by the material of the lesson. Teachers often encourage talking of the students even if the matter of their talking is not correct. This is because they have certain state standards for the student’s skills. Thus, the teachers aim at meeting the standards, without paying attention to the enthusiasm at the class. This is also reflected in the standardized testing, where everybody has to meet the standards for skills, but not the application of these skills to real-life situations.What were the positive aspects of your education?In spite of the fact that the educational system is far from perfection, there are many benefits from the conventional public education paradigm. First of all it is the social interaction of the person much of which can happen beyond the classroom as well as simultaneously with the classroom activities. Every student has a possibility to intercommunicate with peers and be able to compare his own skills with the ones of the students. Second benefit is the economical effectiveness of the conventional public educational system. Many people are unable to afford individual education.

Conventional public education system gives such people a theoretical possibility to take the advantages of education. The third advantage of education is that it is as imperfect as many real life circumstances developing a person’s ability to adjust to various unfavorable situations. This is one of the most essential personal ability. Hence, the education is not perfect, but there is no better alternative put into practice.Explain. Finally, what would you do to address some of the problems in education?I think that the most effective way to address the problems of in education is to increase the standards. This requires financial investment into the educational sphere, bringing better professionals into this industry and developing the existing professionals. This is what can be made by …

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