Environmental Studies Internship Report example

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Environmental Studies Internship Report


Name and Nature of Organization

Seattle Housing Authority is a public organization, which set and implement policies with the purpose to provide low-income residents of Seattle with affordable rental housing and provide rental services to these residents. The company helps urban dwellers to balance their financial position and choose housing for rent that is affordable for these people from about 400 sites on the territory of the city. The policies of the company are basically connected with the providing people of Seattle with safe, affordable and decent housing and create fair and simple rental experiences for the residents. However, the company also provides maintenance of the housing facilities that are in its ownership. Particularly, the company provides environmentally sustainable services connected with collecting solid wastes. The company delivers the compostable wastes to specialized enterprises, which recycle the food and yard wastes to healthy soil, which is beneficial for the community parks and gardens. Moreover, the recycling of the compostable wastes on the specialized facilities ensures that the wastes emit less harmful greenhouse gases, such as methane, that they do when they break down naturally in landfills. The vision of the company is connected with enhancing the local community of Seattle by creating and maintaining decent and affordable living environments with the purpose to foster stability and increase self-efficiency of the Seattle residents with low incomes. This is public corporation, with the board of commissioners appointed by the Mayor of Seattle and confirmed by the City Council. Hence, the nature of this organization is associated with the effort of the local authority to solve the problem of poverty in the local community and improve the overall human well-being in the area.

This time was spent on carrying out various elements of the project. The internship activities actually started on the eighteenth of October, when I started to tour around the site of Yesler and its surrounding areas. In the beginning of the first week I also had the first meeting with Mark Hinshaw. The meeting took place on the nineteenth of October. The activities of the first week took six hours out of the total 96 hours devoted to completion of the internship project. The next week was marked with the beginning of the fundamental research. I conducted the research according to the light working schedule. I devoted 2 hours each day to the research activities during this phase of the project completion. In this period I was getting familiar with the nature of the agency’s activities. Therefore, I spent much time thinking about the scope of the organizational operations as well as the residents of Seattle under its responsibility and strategic objectives. In the course of thinking I carried out planning of the project general layout.

The total number of hours devoted to the project activities was 10. During the third week I continued my researching activities with more significant intensity, devoting 15 hours to this type of work. Every day I …

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