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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, is the government body that deals with advancing, managing and safeguarding issues related with civil aviation in the United States. It also supervises all features associated with Civil Aviation, to ensure there is safety in the aerospace field. Formed in 1958, the organization has its headquarters in Washington D.C., with the Administrator, who is appointed by the president, being the primary authority in the administration (Ferguson & Nelson, 2013). FAA has the main agenda of creating policies and programs that will establish a transport system that is comprehensive. Federal Aviation Administration provides a safe aerospace technique, which ensures safe and excellent transport system so that the well-being of the citizens is ensured. This essay will have a look at the Federal Aviation Administration, its history, responsibilities and impact in the United States. Senator Mike Monroney in 1958 introduced a bill that sought to help establish an independent Federal Aviation Agency in America. This agency had the duty of provision of a safe and effective use of the national airspace.

The president then signed the bill in August 1958 which enabled the Administration start its functions. In 1966, Department of Administration was brought together with the cabinet department, so as to form a single department that was required to carry out complex transport policies and transportation in the country (Federal Aviation Association, 2015a). The FAA administration started to organize itself into departments that would cater for each and every field of aviation. For instance, in 1968 PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) was formed by New York controllers for the employee organization. It was a department that had controllers, who helped in monitoring flights. The administration started encountering challenges like hijackings. For instance in 1961, an aircraft was hijacked, and this lead and this made the federal government of America start employing measures that would prevent such ordeals from occurring. United States Immigration and Naturalization Service started recruiting its border patrolmen and guards, to civilian aircrafts to prevent hijacking from occurring.

Federation Aviation Administration, helped in enforcing an act that would ensure all crimes that were associated with hijacking, flight interference and carrying weapons to an aircraft, were punishable by law. FAA soon afterwards deployed peace officers who worked as officers who ensured safety in planes was catered for. The administration formed an automate radar system that mainly focused in controlling airspace traffic. In 1970, a Central Flow Control Facility was put up to restrict unauthorized movement of flights from one center to the other. Air Traffic Control System Command Centre was formed, so as to combine all the functions done by the Airport Reservation Office, Central Flow Control Facility, and the Central Altitude Reservation Facility and Air Traffic Service Contingency Command post. This helped FAA collect data of the air traffic and weather, solutions to challenges in the aviation field and detect trouble. In 1978, the deregulation act was signed, which meant that FAA had the responsibility …

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