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The Air Traffic

Control unit comprises of the Air Traffic Control (ATCT), the Terminal Radar Control (TRACON), and the Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). They assist the pilot mostly when he is departing from the airport or when he is landing the airplane in the airport. The departure of the airplane involves three stages i.e. pre-flight- in this stage, the portion of the flight will begin on the ground and it will include the following i.e. all the flight checks, the push-back from the gate and the plane being taxied to the runway as it is preparing to take off. The next stage will be take-off and this includes the pilot of the airplane powering up the aircraft and then speeding it on the runway so that it is able to take flight.

Then there is departure when the airplane is lifted off the ground (Nolan, 2010).In Dubai, the following procedures are followed by pilots when they are taking off and during their landing. It ensures that different airplanes do not collide in the airspace when they are taking off or landing in the different airports.Take OffThe first procedure that is carried out in the departure process is that the pilot will have to file the flight plan to the air traffic control. In this flight plan it contains detailed information about the departure and the arrival points, the estimated time and route that they will undertake, and the alternate airports that they can use in case there is bad weather.

The next process is to ensure that all the passengers have boarded the airplane and making all the final checks. The pilot will then call the air traffic controllers in order for them to make the clearance in order for the plane to begin taxing.The Air Traffic Control Officers will then do the visual checks to see that there are no incoming airplanes on sight, and then do the ground movement radar to make sure that there are no blocks on the runway. After ensuring that there are no blocks on the runway and that there is no in-coming airplane, the aircraft will then be guided to the holding point of the runway. This is the last point where the aircraft will conduct its final taxi.

The airplane will only leave when it has been provided with the clearance for take-off by the ATCO. The ATCO will have to check the size of the aircraft and determine the speed that it has to take to ensure a safe take off, and even determine when it will safe for the airplane to begin to move from its holding point. When the airplane has taken off the ATC will continue to track it and guide the airplane (Powner, 2009).During the landing of the airplane, it will follow the same procedure as that which was undertaken during its take-off. The pilot will have to communicate with the …

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