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Aviation Safety


The frequency of aviation accidents in the past led to the criminalization of these events. Investigations that occurred after these incidents show gross negligence on the part of front-line aviation personnel. After a series of aviation accidents, legislative bodies in different countries decided to implement laws and policies to decriminalize aviation accidents. As a result, aviation personnel who commit negligence and other acts that put passengers at risk will be punished based on the court sentencing and ruling. The idea of being punished, however, hinders improvements in aviation safety because front-line personnel will feel discouraged to report errors and mistakes for fear of punishment.

The implementation of just culture in the workplace is one of the proposed solutions to improve aviation safety by encouraging front-line personnel to report errors or mistakes. The objective of reporting or self-reporting is to help people in the organization resolve and improve aviation safety through appropriate decision-making, problem resolution, and implementation of safety regulation. This paper looks into issues surrounding aviation safety including the criminalization of aviation accidents. In the latter part of the report, just culture will be explored and analyzed as a possible solution to improve aviation safety by encouraging front-line personnel to report errors and mistakes for resolution and prevention. Based on existing literature, the aviation industry must achieve balance in implementing just culture such that front-line personnel would be encouraged to self-report while also making responsible personnel accountable for any error or mistake that violates existing laws and threatens safety.


Our main objective in the discussion is to determine how to resolve this issue. The central argument is that culture in the organization plays an important role in improving and strengthening aviation safety. Hence, organizational culture that is ideal in facilitating open communication in the aviation industry will be described including other issues in communication and reporting that relate to aviation safety. Part of the discussion involves an exploration of a just culture, how it would apply in the aviation industry, and if such culture would resolve the aforementioned problems that affects safety and security.

Aviation Safety

Aviation safety depends on various factors such as infrastructure and technology, and performance of human resources. Culture within the organization is another factor that affects aviation safety. Weak culture within the organization or the aviation industry leads to poor aviation safety. Hierarchical culture, which prevails in the airline industry, creates a gap between the leadership in the organization or company and low-level employees (Waterson, 2014). As a result, low-level employees hesitate to communicate information upward, while the power of the leadership makes it easy for them to share information from the leadership to the lower levels of the organization. Furthermore, when there are errors or lapses in flight operations, the leadership would often blame aviation professionals instead of helping them resolve the problem or issue. This discourages them from opening up in the workplace. Heavy accountability placed upon aviation professionals also discourage them from communicating information, including …

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