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Fitness & Wellness

Under the physical qualities of man are understood some of his motor abilities such as strength, speed, endurance, agility and flexibility. These are the makings of a natural movement that all men are endowed from birth. The physical qualities of a person undergo natural changes in the process of growth and development. In sport, you cannot seriously think about any progress without a sufficiently high level of education of the whole complex of physical qualities which ensures a high level of physical fitness, health and performance.The musculoskeletal system is a set of bones, joints, tendons, skeletal muscle, that is those structures that create the frame of the body, give it support and ensure its ability to move in space. Good condition of the musculoskeletal system is the key to our daily activity, health and quality of life. The condition of musculoskeletal system has a direct impact on the overall level of physical qualities.

The health of musculoskeletal system depends on many factors. One of them is physical activity. To the musculoskeletal system are both harmful overload and lack of movement. In the first case, increases the risk of injury and premature wear of tissues. In the second - the skeleton and its associated structures are not working properly, gradually losing their function. Thus, in articular cartilage metabolism may be disrupted, leading to their progressive destruction. Muscles become flabby and weak, ligaments - less elastic, bone tissue - more porous and fragile. Each organism has its unique capabilities, so the optimum load is individual for every person. But it is important for it to be daily. A good option is walking about an hour a day. By this, one can add fitness or swimming in the pool several times per week.Body mass. Obesity adversely affects the musculoskeletal system. On this background significantly increases stress on the joints, especially the knee and hip, and spine. Besides that, fat deposited around joints makes it difficult to get access to the blood and hence for nutrients required for normal operation. Being overweight increases the risk of injuries and sprains, as a failed movement (stumbling, slipping) will have a great strength.However, the negative impact on the health of the musculoskeletal system has underweight as well. Underweight and fragile physique is considered to be a significant risk factor for osteoporosis. Besides that, those who weigh little usually experience a lack of muscle tissue, which normally should decrease the load on the bones and joints.

Finally, it is also important for the musculoskeletal system to function well, to get enough nutrients for the body from food.The muscular strength turns to be particularly important for men and their ability to cope with external resistance or oppose it. If one doesn't develop physical strength, he/she won't be able to master sportsmanship. After all, it largely determines the speed of movement, and also plays a huge role in the work that requires skills and endurance.The two main properties on which depends the …

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