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Geophysics Speech Report on the Talk

Within the framework of this paper I will discuss the main points addressed in the speech.

The speaker noted that geophysicists have used two hypotheses since the 1950s to interpret the features and movement of the earth’s surface layer namely, seafloor spreading and plate tectonics Plate tectonic theory indicates that the lithosphere consists of plates of 50 to 100 miles thick that move relative to one another at average speeds of a few inches per year. The rate of these plates movement determines the type of volcano forms and eruptive activity rate. Studies have recognized three types of boundaries that are common between moving plates: first, Divergent boundaries, in this type, adjacent plates pull apart thus causes seafloor spreading as new material from the asthenosphere fills the cracks. The second type is convergent boundaries, where two plates move towards one another and one are dragged down beneath the other. The third type is transformed boundaries where one plate slides horizontally past another.

Additionally, it has been stressed that the correct theory to be used in the study of plate motion change and whether hotspots are not fixed is a geophysical problem that will remain a challenge among scientists. Hotspot movement findings will force geologists to re-study how the tectonic plates have moved over geologic time. More empirical studies must be conducted to solve such problems for a more accurate explanation of the evolution of Hawaiian-Emperor Hotspot. Geophysicists have concluded that Hawaii-Emperor Hot Spot is the largest and longest-lived hotspot. The size of Hawaiian hot spot according to various studies is still not well known. Geologists have also stated that it is not easy to geologically explain a hot spot. Research has concluded that if hot spot theory is correct, then next volcanic eruption in the Hawaiian chain should be east of the Hawaiian …

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