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Google Mission Statement: What is behind the Success?

The mission statement of Google is to organize the information from around the world, make it universally accessible and useful to everyone. During existing time of 18 years, the company has never changed its mission further improving the search engine with emphasis on excellence, innovation and people.

Symptom Search: Fast is better than Slow

With one percent of Google searches are related to the symptoms (Boehret, 2016), the company has designed a new feature called syndrome search. Instead of long and frustrating search in different health forums, a person can quickly acquire useful information by simply typing a symptom in Google search. The innovative feature shows related health conditions with descriptions, whether the visit to health professional is necessary, and possible treatment options that might be extremely helpful in many unforeseen circumstances.

Motivated Employee: Serious without a Suit

. High salaries, free meals and gyms in the workplace, on-site daycare – not without reason, Google is considered the best place to work. Google’s people philosophy results in engaging environment where happy and motivated employees are also more loyal and more productive (Coleman, 2016).

Being treated well, Googlers are inspired to be open-minded, think more outside of the regular job tasks and come up with something more creative and innovative. Experimental projects undertaken by the employees as the result of Google’s 20 percent time rule resulted in creation of such products as Google News, AdSense and Gmail.

Project Loon: Crossing All Borders

Already back in 2013, the company started development of Project Loon with the goal

to provide broadband to the regions without Internet access with the help of a network of Internet-carrying balloons.

Each balloon filled up with helium carries a small package of solar-powered communication devices that transmit Internet down to the Earth; anyone may connect to the signal that acts like Wi-Fi (Muoio, 2016). With the huge network of such balloons travelling long distances in the stratosphere around the globe, the coverage problem would be solved in many poor regions satisfying not only social needs of individual citizens but contributing to the economic development of the whole countries.


Despite working on many innovative tasks, Google’s mission has always stayed the same with the focus on its users, employees and constant improvement. Such strong dedication to fulfill its mission, powerful position of the company in terms of its values and objectives has defined the long-term success of the Google making it one of the most powerful brands in the world.


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