Charismatic Leadership Business Relations Theory Questions example

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Charismatic Leadership Business Relations Theory Questions

Question One

The theory of charismatic leadership can be considered as a phenomenon of the modern business world. That is because charismatic leadership helps to deliver extremely innovative ideas and motivate people to work towards achieving a particular goal set by a particular leader. Every successful and innovative company such as Apple or General Electric owes its prosperity to the leader who managed to persuade people to believe in his ideas by using charisma. Despite the fact, that everyone understands the word “charisma” it is very hard to pin it down. Moreover, charismatic leaders are also very hard to pin down. However, it is possible to assume that the ability to attract followers and inspire people to take bold actions are the most prominent characteristics of every charismatic leader.

By being a founder of one of the most innovative companies in the technology and entertainment industry - Apple, Steve Jobs can be considered as a perfect example that illustrates a charismatic leader in action. His charismatic leadership style had always been his main weapon that helped him to climb up the leadership ladder very fast. For example, in April 1976 Apple was experiencing difficult times because of innovations implemented by a direct competitor of the company - Macintosh (Sharma 14). However, the charismatic personality of Jobs helped to motivate employees to work 90-hour weeks under the condition of meeting seemingly unrealistic deadlines. What is most important about this example is the fact that the employees were working joyfully because they believed in the ideas of Steve Jobs which were the main motivation for them.

Charismatic leadership includes a number of traits such as good communication skills, humility, confidence, positive body language as well as good listening skills and tendencies to self-motivation and self-improvement. For example, Steve Jobs had always been presenting new products of Apple by creating inspirational presentations that were possible because of his positive body language, confidence, and extraordinary communication skills. Moreover, Steve Jobs listened to the opinions of others very carefully which were helping the members of his team to feel that they have a trusting relationship with the leader. This can be defined as a fundamental thing because trust is what help people to consider the ideas of a particular leader to be worthwhile.

When employees trust that their leader has the required qualification to be effective and his ideas are worthwhile then a company can become an absolute success as it happened in the case of Apple. It is very likely that a newly created company will grow into a successful international business in a few years if the leader earns the trust of the employees in a short period of time. For example, when Steve Jobs got fired from his own company Apple in the spring of 1985 by the board of directors, he founded another company called NeXT that managed to become highly influential thanks to its innovative operating system (Sharma 21). This shows that charismatic …

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