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Gun Control Law Assignment

The government should increase control on guns for a number of reasons. First of all, crime rates are high across the USA. In this connection, pressure on criminals should be tougher. More than that, those people who commit crimes that involve weapons are usually violent and cruel. Therefore, it is significant to prevent them from doing harm to society. From my point of view, controlling the process of weapons-bearing will have its positive effect on reducing the number of crimes. Those people who are not criminals should not be afraid of gun control. At the same time, those who use guns for illegal purposes should be responsible for that by being punished. Crimes often involve weapons that are not controlled by the government. The criminals use the situations when officials and law enforcement are unable to stop them from using these guns. Consequently, governmental control on guns should be enhanced.

One more crucial reason for which we should make gun control stricter is a necessity to make organizations and individuals to register their weapons. As a result of non-registering guns, there are a lot of weapons that are potentially very dangerous to society. People nearing such weapons know that they violate laws. However, weak control on guns let them be calm and relaxed, for they feel their lawlessness. The consequence of this situation is often numerous victims. The government is unable control each citizen and his/her weapon. Nevertheless, there should be gun control laws that would oblige people who possess weapons to register them obligatory. Officials should have a duty to verify the list of registered guns annually or even twice a year. I think that this controlling measure can make the situations with guns in the USA better. All legal procedures should be observed regarding weapons; therefore, the government should increase gun control.

Another key argument for strengthening control on guns is that weapons are highly publicized nowadays, and people, especially, teenagers and youth in general, are interested in them and think it is cool to bar guns. Movies and cartoons often demonstrate that weapons should help reach long-standing goals for a short period of time. This promotion results in a situation when guns become extremely popular among the youth. Furthermore, action films and films on war events show that people suffer from guns much, but do not die and remain alive, sometimes to the end of a movie. There are people who do not realize that these are just visual effects that deceive the viewers and make them say “Wow! I want a gun, there is nothing harmful about it, and it is cool!” As a matter of fact, guns are dangerous enough to have poor control of their distribution and use. I believe that the government should take into account this argument.

One of the main reasons for which gun control should be stricter is that guns are one of the most …

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