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There are a various number of issues that made the new deal lefties abandon ship and move to the formation of the neoconservative movement. The first reason that can be pointed out is the fact that there was a growing gap between the rich and the poor. The growing gap made sure that the rich got much more and the poor were being left with nothing for them to have and enjoy.

It also did translate that the resources that were available were only shared and divided among the rich only. The poor had nothing to show for and enjoy hence the formation of the neoconservative movement.The second reason as to why there was a formation of a neoconservative movement is the fact that the issues of climate change have taken a higher discussion point. Climate change has caused problems for many nations and that the end results that come with climate change are very harmful. Climate change can cause diseases in human beings, moreover, it is destructive to the environment. Climate change causes the rise of sea level which will cause flooding and the destruction of vegetation hence the reason for the formation of a neoconservative movement to ensure that such issues are constantly addressed.It is also important to note that the development of political instability is a factor that drove the lefties to leave the ship and form neo-conservative movements.

Political instability had repercussions for example perceived tax increase that will affect the citizens of the nation. Taxes that affect people negatively to the point that they have a poor living standard is what the new deal members did not like. I hold the fact that it was an important movement that the lefties made a neoconservative movement. They had the citizens interest at heart.


Mark, K. (2015). Neo-Conservative …

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