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Healthcare Delivery

Comprehensive quality health care services help in attaining quality health care for each and every one. Accessing health care means the well-timed use of personal health services to acquire the best health results.
However to achieve this the individual has to us the following three steps a) obtaining admission into the health care scheme, b) a location with a health care facility that provides the required services, c, identifying a
healthcare practitioner whom can be easily trusted and communicated to. Execution of these key areas in general help achieve the following, improved physical social and mental health status of the patient, early
prevention of disability and diseases, An improved quality of life, it prevents premature death, life expectancy is prolonged (Philpott, 2015). However we have to acknowledge that barriers to accessing heath care do
exist which include, unrealized health needs, being deferred in receiving appropriate care, incapacity to get anticipatory services, avoidable hospital admissions.

Access to healthcare involves Health insurance coverage which makes it difficult for people to get the required medical attention because of the expenses that are involved. Revising health care policies aims at focusing
on the provision of health insurance across the general population (Buss & Van de Water, 2014). If the general public does not have health insurance then they will not receive medical care, they are more likely to die early,
due to non-preventative measures they will suffer from poor health. Health care services ensure that people have a constant source of care ascertains that they have much better health results and fewer inconsistencies and expenditure. Once a primary care provider has been established their source of care is usually import since overtime relationships are created, and a provision of integrated in the framework of family and the public this, in
turn, creates trust between the patient and the health practitioner, Clear communication between patient and care provider, the patient is high to obtain proper care. Time spent at emergency departments and waiting at
doctors' offices is well accumulated. Delays in providing care translate to low satisfaction in the care given. Also, a number of patients leave without at least having the doctor's attention thus basis diagnosis is not made hence repeated cases or visits. The workforce of primary care have decreased significantly, impact on the services delivered is an important role.

According to Hamric et al. (2014) the health care system is categorized into four areas a) the patient b)the medical team which include professional health practitioners c) the organization that encompasses nursing homes clinic and hospitals e) political and economic factors that include current markets, regulatory institutions.

The individual (Patient) determines the kind of preferences that he needs to access regarding health care. Health care policies are emphatic in patient-centered care. Access to information helps the individual to decide
on which type of health care they feel comfortable with. For example, …

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