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Heart of Darkness Book Report

The novel is a reflection of a great layer of people, historical events and feelings. Conrad’s ability to describe a character through prism of other people’s feelings gives the readers a possibility of being a filter of human nature. Marlow and Kurtz are the main characters of the novel. They co-exist through the whole story, though Marlow is a guide and Kurtz is “a very remarkable person” for everybody who meets him, including Marlow.

From the very beginning of a journey sailor Marlow hears about the great man, manager of the Company, who came to the island as a missionary. He hasn’t seen him yet, but his feeling “weary and irritable” seems natural. Nobody wants to be worse than others. The common alarm makes him feel afraid of the “genius”.

Marlow hurries to save Kurtz and is eager to hear his voice and communicate with him. The expectation of getting wisdom and experience of influencing the mass leads the sailor to disappointment and destruction. “A prodigy, an emissary of pity, and science, and progress” appears just a cruel person with darkness in the heart.

Marlow is a kind of a mirror because he believes Kurtz’s iniquity without seeing the man. Nevertheless, an awful home of “the Manager of ivory” changed his mind greatly. Where is the difference between power and cruelty and who cares that? Marlow is the first man who makes Kurtz say “Absurd”. He is the only person who doesn’t accept the cult, idol.

From the very beginning he feels that there is something dark in the manager’s soul. Nobody loves him, but everybody appreciates his acts. Marlow feels the wonder, whether to admire Kurtz or to hate him. When the manager dies, he doesn’t. “I remained to dream the nightmare out to the end, and to show my loyalty to Kurtz one more. Destiny.” It’s a mystery. Such a man shouldn’t pass away and let behind. Marlow tried to understand the kernel of a dead man for the last time.

Kurtz is a combination of an outstanding mind and a dark heart, black thought and the absence of feelings, just the wish of dominion and fame. “He desired to have kings meet him at railway-stations on his return”.

The only ray in the darkness of his life is his fiancé. She was the original purpose of his departing to the islands of ivory. She even didn’t understand that he wouldn’t come back. It is very simple to convince her relatives. It is better to domineer hundreds of minds.

The only Kurtz’s hope and attachment is ivory. His comprehension of life and justice concerns money and power. His soul was dark though he was not crazy. Nobody could struggle with his mind.

Kurtz could be a painter, a politician, a musician. If he wanted, he would become the Messiah of light and hope, but he chose to be an extremist. He could give the civilization to savage people, but used their traditions to corrupt them. Great deceit captured his soul and …

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