“Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman example

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“Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman

Paul Whitman is considered to be one of the most sensual poets. His lyrical hero connects the features of a materialist and romantic. The best way to love the world and to respect people is to accept the surrounding circumstances.

While reading the poem “Song of Myself”, it is easy to modify a great felling of connecting the nature. It is everywhere – in the lyrical hero, in the living and dead people. It does not matter what object is in front of reader’s eyes. It has a great value. “What is the grass?” Nobody knows, but everybody understands that it is the renewal of the nature in whole. The human creature seems to be that grass. Wars, problems do not interfere with the regeneration of life on the Earth.

People’s creations are not important because they are artificial. Nature is the most wonderful phenomenon. It was created by God. All people are similar and unique. They are to be accepted with all their emotions and feelings. The lyrical hero says: “The spirit of God is the Brother of my own”. This phrase is a hymn of hope and goodwill. Everybody comes to the world to enjoy love, friendship, nature and innocence of people’s relations. Everybody can be happy through love and the leave of vanity.

While reading the poem, the understanding comes that every person is a great creature of God. Race, profession, witness or poverty – nothing matters for the Universe’s goal. People may understand the main motivation through calmness. Solitude is the best way to make a decision about life goals.

A man or a woman is a strong personality only due to their own mind. The most wonderful pieces of art give the spectators another’s preferences and thoughts. People should live, love and filter everything through them. It is a wise decision for everybody.


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