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Hiring a Staff for an LTC Facility

Long-term care facility provides restorative, rehabilitative, and/or skilled nursing care to patients or residents in need of assistance (Long-term care facility, n.d.). It has the following types: home care, community services, supportive housing programs, assisted living, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), and nursing homes (Nasario, 2012). Long-term care staff coordinates the care, performs nursing tasks, responds to changes in condition, keeps treatment records, as well as provides daily physical and psychosocial support to the patients. Therefore, the specialty requires knowledge of nursing interventions, high level of organization, and, not less importantly, patience and compassion for helping people. With view to this, hiring a staff for a long-term care provision should be approached with due responsibility. The purpose of this paper is to consider hiring a staff for LTC facility issues.

Healthcare demonstrates higher turnover rates than any other industry, which eventually negatively impacts the customer care. Nurses turnover also makes heavy losses for healthcare organizations (Morgeson, 2013). Healthcare organizations in my state should make efforts to prevent dysfunctional turnover, which is the voluntary turnover of strong performers. These efforts may include reconsideration of the hiring process comprising of such aspects as recruiting, selection, and onboarding (Morgeson, 2013). Applicants for the position of the LTC practitioner can be recruited through online job boards, employment agencies, and organizations' web sites. It is important to provide realistic job preview in the advertisement as well as during the interview with an applicant. Checking of technical competences, which are a necessary basis for selection, should be followed by selection of a culturally fit candidate. Behavioral assessments and structured interviews are considered the most effective types of job interviews (Morgeson, 2013). The need for skilled professionals is satisfied due to the international migration. However, it is important for the United States, that effective ways to facilitate credential recognition and licensure processes are developed (Raben, 2013). Various organization are dedicated to providing evaluations of academic credentials earned outside the U.S.

A background check can be also carried out. It can include a wide range of information about the job seeker: driving records, vehicle registration, credit records, criminal records, social security no., education records, court records, workers' compensation, bankruptcy, character references, medical records, property ownership, military records, state licensing records, drug test records, past employers, personal references, incarceration records, sex offender lists (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, 2015)To conclude, hiring a staff for LTC facility demands careful consideration of turnover, recruiting, and selection issues. Clearing organizations can assist healthcare industry by making background checks, which provide information necessary for efficient hiring decisions.


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