How to Tackle Florida Power and Light (FPL) Problem? example

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How to Tackle Florida Power and Light (FPL) Problem?

FPL is a company that serves around 4.9 million customer accounts and almost 10 million people which amount to the estimated half of Florida. The company currently subsides to NextEra Energy Partners and consists of a number of energy centers (Cape Canaveral, Port Everglades, Riviera Beach, West County, Martin etc.) and produces most electricity out of natural gas (68%), nuclear power (23%). The opening of two more plants in South Florida is due to have both advantages and disadvantages.


More solar panels can be installed nearby creating the possibility to use the renewable solar power to produce electricity.

More people will be employed.

New plants are built using cutting-edge technologies meaning they are more efficient (by 33%) and eco-friendly.

New plants make the electricity sector in America more independent of foreign oil use.


More plants undoubtedly destroy the environment no matter what preventative methods are used (as the emission of mercury into the water or the threat to the national park situated not far from it).

The centralization of plants near each other may lead to deleterious effects if any problem occurs because their close position will affect each other.

Nuclear power stations should be gradually replaced by less harmful means of energy production e.g. alternative resources.

It is quite difficult to predict the possible problems the company may face within 40 years the main one remaining the depletion of resources needed and the environmental issues. The best advice to the company would be to stick to alternative energy resources and develop these spheres which will lead to the acceptance from people and eco-warriors and the lack of competition on the market as FPL are close to being monopolists in the energy sector. It ranked top among customers as the most reliable and reasonably priced company so the main aim is to keep up the quality of work and customer policy. Personally, I would disapprove of the building of new nuclear plants and allow to use alternative sources.


Ten Year Power Plan 2017-2026

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