National and Regional Economic Analysis of the Four Lower Snake River Dams example

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National and Regional Economic Analysis of the Four Lower Snake River Dams


In the early years of existence, humankind developed in the certain geographical conditions. Ancient people chase convenient geography of places for settlements. The presence of water and forests gave citizens
opportunity to hunt and fish. The closeness of rivers allowed people to build canalizations and aqueducts. In addition, rivers were main transport highways and permitted to travel and discover new lands. Since centuries, people have developed high techniques instruments and with their help change, the environment of the living area. Similar to its idea, fair to assume that nature influence on human life is reduced by high-developed technique potential of humankind. However, the location of cities and its geographic environment affect people’s lives. Similarly, the significance of rivers still has a meaningful influence on the civil life of inhabitants of the local region. Therefore, the main aim of this research is to define the results of influence on the people in economic, culture, nature and social sections. The paper includes analysis of the general influence of following dams:

• Ice Harbor Dam;
• Lower Monument Dam;
• Little Goose Dam;
• Lower Granite Dam.

According to G. Edward Dickey, these constructions were built in the 1975 year. Main purposes of activity are to provide navigation, hydropower, recreation, and fish and wildlife conservation benefits. These aims are
considered further in the current research.

The Economic Effect of Four Lower Snake River Dams

The economic significant of the dams are concluded in its several functions. At first, the necessity to service the dams creates the new jobs for the inhabitants of nearest settlements. This benefit also is considered as social effect also. At second, dams have the ability to produce the electricity for the local region. Such specifics of these four river dams as their location, sizes and ability to help meeting peek power load, make them the key
elements in electricity system of the region. However, the situation has changed since the 2000 year. The demand of Pacific Northwest is 1000 aMW in a year, while four lower Snake …

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