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Implementation Plan for Creating the HSE Department

This report aims to outline the implementation plan for creating the HSE department in accordance to OSHAD requirements.

Organizational Structure

HSE department will consist of four specialists: Vice President of HSE, Senior HSE Specialist (2), and Junior HSE Specialist (1). The role and responsibilities of each of the positions are described, as follows:

Vice President of HSE

Job Purpose: to support CEO to achieve superior performance in terms of safety, health and environmental aspects; enhance company’s image and reputation by developing, implementing, and reviewing HSE policies, standards, and guidelines to ensure compliance with OSHAD and international standards and practices.

Functional Responsibilities

Develop and maintain comprehensive management systems tailored to effective risk assessment and compliance with OSHAD requirements covering all current and future activities.

Ensure appropriate and effective emergency response plan is in place to ensure that the company is committed to loss reduction or prevention. This includes collaboration with third party contractors, investors, governmental authorities, and inhabitants of adjacent areas.

Set policy and standards for the department and ensure alignment of HSE requirements with the business goals, strategy and policy.

Set HSE performance targets, ensure their alignment with business goals, evaluate their impact on other key stakeholders to address the risk of failure or non-compliance and track the progress on their implementation and maintenance.

Ensure appropriate financial, human and other resources are available to meet HSE objectives in effective and cost efficient manner.

Conduct HSE site inspections and audits to reveal inconsistencies in observance of HSE requirements and ensure safe working environment for employees.

General Responsibilities

Human Management & Development

Nurture a culture where everyone recognizes HSE as his or her primary responsibility, while implementing HSE policy.

Demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement of HSE policies, standards, and practices.

Provide coaching to senior leadership to ensure support of HSE initiatives in all functional areas.

Policies, Systems & Processes Improvement

Ensure compliance of the company’s operational procedures and processes with HSE policy and OSHAD requirements.

Ensure effective communication within the department, as well as with internal and external stakeholders.

Regular meetings with senior management to ensure compliance with HSE requirements

Provide necessary support to the Business Development team in preparing amendments, reviewing specifications, and addressing clients’ HSE-related inquiries.

HSE Compliance

Develop, maintain, and monitor compliance of all safety, quality, and environmental management policies, procedures, and controls across all activities to ensure safe working environment for employees and good reputation for the company.

Reporting and supervisory relationships: reports to CEO

External Contacts

Meet with subcontractors, investors, and partners to review and approve their HSE programs in accordance with the company’s requirements.

Efforts demanded by the job: job requires insignificant physical efforts, except walking and standing occasionally; and significant mental efforts to be able to develop comprehensive HSE policies and procedures and ensure their implementation.

Working conditions: normally air-conditioned working environment; regular site visits for HSE audits and inspections; ocassional meetings with contractors, participation in international fairs and conferences.

Qualifications and skills required:

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