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Leadership Theory

After reading the book Leaders Who Make a Difference by Burt Nanus, I now have a whole systematic knowledge of the leadership theory. For instance, the definition of leadership which is having a purpose, hope, inspiration, influence, marshaling resources, and effecting change (p 6). I have also understood what a leader should pay attention to in a non-profit organization. For example, how a leader's personality influences the group or employees, what kind of ability a leader should have, and a leader's role in the organization. The book has inspired me a lot, and I have even started thinking of setting my future goals and the leadership style I would embrace.I have a clear five-year plan about what I want to do in future and how to do it. I learned traditional painting for almost ten years, and now I am an art management student.

My ultimate aim is to become a small group leader in a non-profit organization or gallery. In order to achieve the goal, I need to earnest a steadfast working mannerism and do everything right even as an intern. This way, I will have a chance of becoming a good employee. I will also give a full play of my professional knowledge as well as take advantage of my good personality, and after five years, I may become a good leader. My character gives me a good support in leadership. I am an optimistic person and a good communicator. For instance, my friends always talk to me about their troubles in a bid to get some encouragement and support. It is not hard for me to provide the necessary support.

This character is in line with Nanus’s argument that “a nonprofit leader should act as a personal coach for individuals in the organization, trying to encourage and help them improve their performance” (p 95). I am glad I have the ability to give my partners or staff emotional support with my inherently optimistic character. On the other hand, my internalized moral perspective always push into being a person of high integrity as well as incorruptible. I hate money and power acquired through back door private deals. Even if being incorrupt sometimes makes me a little stiff, integrity is another fundamental trait of the requirements of a good leader. Nanus mentions a way of measuring a leader's performance. He asks the question, "Has the leader maintained high ethical standards throughout the organization and served as a role model for the staff and volunteers?" (p 231). However, I have two shortcomings, a big problem with speaking in public or in front of strangers that has beset me for a very long time. Being an international student, I always need more time to organize the content of the speech that wastes a lot of time. I am afraid of getting embarrassed in front of strangers, and as a result, I avoid talking unconsciously.

Therefore, practicing to talk in …

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