Malicious Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities example

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Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

The video game development company, just like any other organization that deploys a network structure with email client server and database server have the same risk posed by its infrastructure. Malicious attacks have been well known for a long time to negatively affect a company’s integrity if the clients and other significant stakeholders get to know of such disappointing actions. Some of the identifiable attacks that are common in this modern day mainly launch attacks on the server to retrieve data. All one needs is access to the network to begin taking harmful. Thus, accessibility is a vital issue to address. Examples of malicious attacks include:

Angry IP Scanner

Network experts often use the instrument to a hunt for open backdoors or ports within an online software system. Once connected to the network even over a Wi-Fi link, the tool can be used to scan IP addresses in the network system.

Impact: The impact of such a tool to the organization’s network is that it can cause harm when a person’s port or network node is compromised. Thus, the hacker can impersonate the individual’s IP address hence subsequently perform functions as an authorized operator.

Solution: System managers are directed to install the modern and updated software machinery to enable the safety of all network systems correspondingly. For example, such an initiative ensure the limitation and prevention attacks launched on company software applications like Adobe and Microsoft Word document systems. Ultimately, a hacker cannot be able to transfer and manipulate information within the institution (Smallwood & Blair, 2012).

Sinkhole Attacks

In this type of network occurrence, the intruders have an individual objective to direct almost all the data network traffic flow from one particular zone through a compromised network node. In turn, it produces an abstract sinkhole which gives the hacker the decisive ability to access the material within the network.

Impact: Since the network hacker has the ability to direct data packets through his or her computer network, then they can also increase the amount of data being directed via that route. As a result, through consistent monitoring, the hacker can use this as a point for collecting all critical data in the network.

Solution: The problem can be solved by an advanced intrusion detection system that can monitor and network traffic and alert the managers. The security tools that can be used in this case include Wireshark software application which can assist in detecting fraudulent TCP/IP activities.

The Sybil attack

In this type of attack, a single end user uses many unique identities to virtualize and visualize nodes in the network. It affects mostly the wireless networks by expressively reducing the productivity of the system infrastructure schemes, for example, the multipath network routing, distributed data storage, and the network topology conservation.

Impact: Location-based data and information routing procedures often require nodes to exchange and synchronize information with their neighboring routers successfully transmit data across geographical regions. Thus, by launching a Sybil attack, a computer hacker can exploit this defect on the …

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