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Biblical World View According To Romans

Romans is one of the epistles written by Paul. It was addressed to the Christians in Rome, both Jews and gentiles. His intention for writing the letter was to explain his understanding of the Christian faith and its practical implications in the Christian’s life (The Holy Bible Esv: English Standard Version). Paul’s statement of address is centered on the fact that God puts man right with himself, through faith alone in the gospel, from the beginning to the end.The Natural worldPaul develops the overarching theme in several stages. He begins by stating how the world was created by God .Creation is itself a general revelation of who God is.

The incredible design of the things that have been made by God in the natural world are a clear indication of who and what he is-His invincible attributes, namely his eternal power and divine nature (New International Version, Rom. 1:20). Man is thus left without excuse. In spite of this clear depiction of God through the created world, people refuse to honor him as God and instead give his rightful glory of creation to the creatures He has made (English Standard Version, Rom. 1:23). The consequence of this is that God gives man up to his evil desires, causing him to indulge in things that are impure and dishonoring to his body. His initial sin of not honoring God results in him being pulled further away from God into his own debauchery (English Standard Version, Rom. 1:24). Man’s lack of acknowledgement of God as God and creator, and denying him his rightful glory begins the down ward trend of his moving further into sin.

Human Identity

The biblical worldview on human identity according to Romans, puts man into two categories; those who are justified by faith, like their father Abraham (English Standard Version, Rom. 4:3) and those who are perishing, who are hoping on their good works to save them (English Standard Version, Rom. 4:5). Both the Jews and the gentiles acquire one common identity upon believing on Christ (English Standard Version study bible, Rom. 4:9-12), they all receive the promise, through faith, of being co-heirs with Christ. They are called sons of God, as Christ, and thus his brothers. It is written in Hebrews 2:9-11 that the one who sanctifies and those who are sanctified have one source and thus Christ is not ashamed to call them brothers. Man’s identity in Christ means that the righteousness of Christ has been imputed on him on account of his faith and belief on Christ, and thus he becomes a new being. He is thus privy to the free gift of grace and righteousness, purchased by Christ (English Standard Version, Rom. 5:17)

Human relationships

Human relationships ought to be governed by our newfound identity in Christ. Where once we were consumed with dishonorable passions, exchanging natural relation for those contrary to nature; being full of envy, malice, covetousness, disobedient to our …

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